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Chaos Halo Sanctum

Laws of the clan

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1st law:Respect all clan members!

2nd law:Respect our allies!

3rd law:There are no rank battles(battles to obtain  another person's rank).

4th law:There is no leaderpost replacement unless the leader get's very sick or injured, & isn't able to  play for some months(in this case the leader will choose who replaces him until his return).

5th law:Don't be a spammer.

6th law:You can't be in an enemy clan.

7th law:Don't be a hacker and play fair .

8th law:No Spam on the Forum.

9th law:You must be online atleast often.

10th law:If you are going to leave please report to the Gwar first.

11th law:You must contact us atleast once per week.

12th law:If you join , must play Halo.

13th law:If there is a problem between members report to Gwar.

14th law:BE HAPPY!!!!!!